[Music is my life 2]

I couldn’t write my blog for a long time because I went back to Japan for one month.

I am very happy to be NYC now!

Below is continued of my music history.
I hope you will enjoy it!

1.My history of the piano – Part 2

At the same time I started to think about my future. I wanted to be a pianist,my hands were too small, so my teacher said “ You cannot be pianist.” I felt embarrassed but I found a good music college where I could learn many parts of music which like piano, singing, composition, improvisation and music movement.

After graduating, I worked at a music school while I learned singing at the most famous opera company in Japan. It was satisfying to teach music to children because I could feel their mind was grown up through music. It was very hard time teaching and singing in my twenties.

After I got married I worked harder than before. When my daughter was 3 years old and my son was 3 months, we moved to San Francisco for my husband’s work. I wanted to build my skills up more, so I got a certificate of from the international Dalcroze Euyrhythmics teacher at Juilliard School when we lived in S.F.

To be continued……..



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