[ Music is my life Part4 ]

This story is the 4th time of my music history.
It will be started to tell about my crystal bowl life!

Please read from part 1 if you don’t read before this page.

2. My life with a crystal bowl

When I heard a crystal bowl for the first time, I was so surprised that it felt

like the sound came inside of my body, as if I drank it. I was fascinated by the pure and clear sounds that I’d never heard before. I decided to play the crystal bowl immediately, and then I became a performer for many people without planning to do so.

When I played it, I discovered new things every time, one after another.

I was so happy, especially when I found that it is important to focus on each sound; sounds vibrate and resonate with all things in the world, like waves. A crystal bowl has two huge strengths, which are healing and purification of our body and mind. Those are extremely helpful to change the condition of the many people who listen to it.

I of course know that music has huge strengths for us because I have play piano through my life so, I decided to play the crystal bowl as music, not only sounds.

To be continued….



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