[ Music is my Life Part 5]

This is the last part that I mentioned about my music history.

Please read  from part 1 to part 4   if you don’t read them.

2. My life with a crystal bowl

When I started to play crystal bowl, I felt that I wanted to play it in the natural environment. I played it at sea, in a forest, on a mountain, any where I could. Then, I found that the sounds of birds, the motion of waves, the flow of rivers, and the blowing of winds become more relaxed when they hear the crystal bowl sounds. I believed that this sound makes a new and more peaceful world where we can live comfortably.

Developed countries create high-tech systems that are very different from developing countries. If our life become more convenient, many natural things tend to be destroyed. We feel comfortable when we are in nature. The nature makes us feel very pleasant. We are a part of nature. Taking good care of nature is the first step to making a comfortable world. I think crystal bowl helps connect nature to us. If I play crystal bowl in nature, a clear and beautiful space is getting around and the sound is getting much clearer and purer. It connects our soul and body.

Music makes us feel rich and notice that this world is full of love. I want to play crystal bowl knowing that I am building a confortable world which is full of love and peace.


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