Eclectic Morning Coffee

It was drizzling yesterday, Sunday morning, I went to the Lincoln Center Morning Coffee Concert. It is held on Sunday morning once a month, after the concert, the company services some coffee and sweets and we can meet the performer from the concert.

Yesterday was a piano concert by Alexander Gavrylyuk, who is a Ukrainian pianist. He is a winner of many kinds of piano competitions, and he is a world famous pianist who is known not only for his impeccable technique, but also his highly expressive performance.


The first program was Schubert’s Sonata in A major.

I was surprised I dropped tears when I listened to the first phrase of melody.

His sounds were warm and filled with plenty of happiness.
Maybe Schubert’s life was hard and painful but I think he was filled with love.

I finally could hear Schubert’s romantic sounds in Alexander’s performance.

The other surprising things were he changed the mood completely and quickly to play next two songs.
He played Rachmaninoff  Etude-tableau in C minor and Prokofiev Sonata No.6 in A major after Schubert even though we didn’t have an intermission. He changed the mood immediately and started to play without hesitating after he played Shubert.

His sounds were so dynamic and powerful.
He let go of strict technique and opened himself to all the bigger sounds and energy of the room just using feeling and expression.
I enjoyed the big differences between all three pieces.

Music gives us happiness and helps us see the big picture.

1:10:2016 モーニングコンサート


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