Welcoming an Early Spring Concert ~The Crystal Bowl & Piano concert in New Jersey~


Almost one month has passed since the beginning of the year.
How is your new year so far?
Would you like to enjoy this time by listening to nice music in a space-surrounded by nature and think about how would you like to approach spring?
Before the concert we will have a demonstration of ear massage by my friend who is a licensed of ear therapist in Japan.
We are also going to serve a small nice lunch after the concert!


My crystal bowls are made of crystal, and have two energetic powers, which are healing and purification.

The vibrations and sounds of these bowls cause relaxation, induce sleep, improve blood circulation, and help align the Chakras (where the energy is concentrated in the center of our body).

The sounds of the crystal bowl will reverberate through your whole body and mind.
Please listen and experience the sounds and help us greet an early spring together!



▶︎Upcoming events

Date & Time: Jan. 30th Sat.11:00am〜14:00pm

Location:Morris County in New Jersey

( We would like to let you know the address after registration )

Fee:$40 (Please pay cash only)

*For more information & Reservation: Aloha88hula@gmail.com (Yoshiko)



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