The worst cold in New York City

I t is snow in New York area today.
I remenber the coldest weekend in New York city in last month.

I’m going to tell about it.


The wind chill temperature was minus 16 degrees.

The New York Mayor said to please stay home on TV.


I couldn’t feel the temperature exactly because my room was warm.

I was confused about if it was true or not.

I tried going outside because I wanted to know the truth.


I regretted this attempt as soon as I went out from my apartment entrance.

I stopped walking and came back inside immediately.


I remembered to reserve a hair appointment that day, so I pulled myself together, and went outside again.


I was a little nervous because it was my first time going to the hair salon.
It is easy for me to lose my way if I go to a new place.
The person who cut my hair was so nice, so I enjoyed talking with her.

She said, “ I want to hang a towel outside. I will make the towel wet first, then go outside with it, steer it quickly and squeeze it.

Maybe I will be able to make a standing tower like a sword.


I posted this story on Facebook, some of my friends commented to me that I should try it!

Then I tried it.
Look at this picture!




And then,

I succeeded in making it!

It was so amazing, wasn’t it?


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