【Charity Concert: Welcoming the Spring with the Crystal Bowl & Piano】

Spring is coming to New York City.

How would you like to welcome the spring?

Are you looking forward to the coming spring?

I’m going to hold a crystal bowl & piano concert in Manhattan,New York City on April 17th.

The theme of this concert is just ‘ Spring ’ !

I’m very excited to prepare for the concert.

I’m going to play a special song for spring.

Please participate and enjoy my songs!

[Upcoming events]

~Date & Time:

April 17th Sun. 6:45pm ~ 8:15pm

Doors open will be at 6:30pm


The National Opera Center America, Marc A. Scorca Hall

330 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10001


~Fee: $30 (cash only, please)

All profits will be donated to fund relief efforts

for those affected by the 2011 earthquake in Japan.


~For more Information and to make a reservation :

happycrystalbowl @gmail.com (Naoe)


*If you would like, feel free to bring a yoga mat

or a bath towel to lie on and a blanket to cover up

with during the performance.

I would like people to feel as comfortable as possible

while lying on the floor.


【Naoe’s profile】

Naoe was accredited as a certified International Dalcroze Eurhythmics teacher from the Juilliard School in NYC after graduating from the Kunitachi College of Music in Japan.

She is an artist of many talents as she plays the piano, sings, composes, improvises and teaches music. She is also a crystal bowl performer.

The crystal bowl is an instrument made of crystal and is used in healing sessions.

Using her experience as a musician, Naoe established her own performance style through playing the crystal bowls and the piano at the same time. This novel approach blurs the lines between music and healing sounds and creates a unique experience for listeners.

In addition, she is a Reiki master and an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) trainer.

She has performed all throughout her home country of Japan and numerous times in New York, Hawaii ,Sedona, San Francisco and so on.

【About crystal bowls】

The crystal found in this special instrument emits two big and powerful kinds of energy: relaxation and purification.

The main effects include help with sleeping, blood circulation, and the adjustment of Chakras (energy within the center of our body.)


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