Zai 在

Zai 在 – a theatrical entertainment show to explore your 7 chakras through music, dance, color and visuals. A multisensory appeal to your emotions, an active meditation and performance.



Inspired by the practice of sound healing this improvised performance and will exist only in this moment. There is no future, no past, there is only now. By living in the moment, we can more deeply appreciate life and enjoy what we truly are. Love your strengths and embrace your weaknesses.

Together we will…
– Resonate
– Reflect
– Remember

University Settlement Society of New York
184 Eldridge St, ニューヨーク 10002

Door opened 7:15
Show starts 7:45
Show ends 9:30
We have Q & A after the show


Nahoko Sugiyama
Brad MacDonald
Carmine T. Guida
Harry Einhorn
Pete List
Naoe Moriya Amano
Da Wei Hou
Chihiro Cute-Beat
Udit Mahajan
Rob Mastrianni


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