NAOE MORIYA – The Crystal Singing Bowl & Piano Concert “Harmony”

Friday, November 4th 2016

Doors Open at 6:45 pm / Start at 7 pm




In a return engagement in New York from Kyoto, the active crystal singing bowl player and pianist, Naoe Moriya will perform in Manhattan for the first time in four months.

In this concert, she will express “Harmony” by bringing the sound of Kyoto and blending it with the sounds of metropolitan New York.

Please come out and enjoy the healing sounds of her Crystal Healing Bowl and feel the serenity and joyfulness of her original compositions.

Manna House Workshops 338 E 106th St, New York, NY 10029


Contact: Text, phone 646-436-9006 Email

*Due to limited seats, reservations are necessary


〜Naoe Moriya〜

Naoe has a certificate in International Dalcroze Eurhythmics Teaching from the Juilliard School’s, after graduating from Kunitachi College of Music in Japan.

She is an artist of many musical talents: voice, composer, improvisation, piano, and crystal singing bowls which are made of crystal and used in healing sessions.

Using her experience as a musician, Naoe established her own performance style as she now plays crystal singing bowls and piano together.

She has performed throughout her home country of Japan and numerous times in New York, Hawaii, San Francisco, Shasta, and Sedona.

Naoe is also a Certified Reiki master & NLP (coaching and practicing psychology) trainer.

Blog Site :

〜About the Crystal Singing Bowl〜

The crystal of these bowls emits two big and powerful kinds of energy: relaxation and purification.

They provide help with sleeping, blood circulation, and the adjustment of Chakras.


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