What on earth is beyond that transformation?

Impossible things have happened one after another.
I have fixed a problem every time on my own.

“Why have they happened ?”

I can hardly tell from my subconsciousness.
It has happened one after another.

But every time it has happened was , a transformation will be.
The deeper the things that happened, the deeper
A big transformation will occur.
I’m sure you can’t tell by just looking at me.

“What on earth is beyond that transformation?”
There may be nothing. But I feel something strange.

Through the sound I play. .. ✨ ✨

I feel scared to know it.
But I still want to know.
What’s there …
By all means, I find it attractive.

Through the sounds I play, I feel that there is something great in the world.

Love to all ✨ ✨


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