The first big snow of 2016 in New York

It was terrific snow in New York City in the last weekend.


It was my first time experiencing snow in New York City it was the third largest snow in recording history.

Most of the transportation in the city stopped, and all theaters, museums were closed.
My husband and I wanted to see what it was like outside, so we wore the ski clothes and went out in the crazy snow.

There weren’t any cars on the road because if people drove they would be given a ticket due to the travel ban.




First, we went to the supermarket close to our apartment to buy some food, but the shop just closed when we reached it.
We were surprised when an old lady was upset by it and said while hitting the front of the door,

“ Open the store for only 5 minuets I can buy some food quickly! ”
The shop man said,

“ We can’t go back home if we still work.”
She still said something but of course we understood why the shop man said this.

It was Hudson River side. I couldn’t see it!




It was the surreal Metropolitan Opera house.




I was speechless!
It resembled a dream!
Of course there were no people and no opera that day.


We walked around for over 2 hours and my hands got clammy, so we went back home.

Our apartment’s gym was closed, so we couldn’t do anything outside.

I was happy to stay home and play piano and cook dinner in all afternoon.
And then,

It was nice sunshine the next day!


The cars were in the snow…




The Hudson River was so beautiful!




Many people were excited sledding at the Hudson River side, the scene was the same as in my country.




The metro station entrance was snowed in.




Everything is shining, so I think a huge snow make the city clean and beautiful.

All the people around me were looking beautiful!




The trip to Jamaica

I went to Jamaica in the Caribbean Sea with my husband  last weekend.

The flight from New York to Jamaica was not a bumpy flight, so we had a comfortable flight travel.

It was our first time visiting Jamaica, so we were exited talking about our trip until arriving in Montego Bay international airport in Jamaica.


When we arrived at the airport, I was surprised that most of the people were lanky and looked like Reggae singers. I felt that I could hear the Reggae songs around me.


The hotel that we stayed in was not so gorgeous, but nice and cozy.




The weather was mild and it was nice breezy everyday.

Beautiful blue Caribbean Sea was at the front of our hotel, we could swim with the tropical fish.




We went to the center of city the next day because we wanted to see the out side of the hotel even though we could have enjoyed just the hotel all four days.


The city was so crowded. There weren’t any tourists except for us, so a few people came up to us and talked to us.




They said,

“Where are you from?”

“I am chef I know a good restaurant near here.”

They were a little annoying.


We enjoyed river rafting the next day.

The raft was made of bamboo.




The river was surrounded by a lot of trees like a forest.

We enjoyed the nature of Jamaica and our guide’s information as he rowed the ship.

In the evening, we could see a beautiful sunset at the sea.


We could see the shows that had Reggae songs, dancing, DJ, and any other performances after dinner in three nights.


I played the cystalbowls two times in the morning.

Even though I couldn’t see the morning sun that time because the hotel faced west, the crystalbowl’s sound expanded out nicely by the calm sea wind.




The blue sea of Jamaica is the best one I have seen in my life.
Even though Jamaican’s life is not so rich or convenient as far as I saw, I think that is why the nature of Jamaica is so beautiful.

I had many good experiences this time, so I hope to visit Jamaica again.



Eclectic Morning Coffee

It was drizzling yesterday, Sunday morning, I went to the Lincoln Center Morning Coffee Concert. It is held on Sunday morning once a month, after the concert, the company services some coffee and sweets and we can meet the performer from the concert.

Yesterday was a piano concert by Alexander Gavrylyuk, who is a Ukrainian pianist. He is a winner of many kinds of piano competitions, and he is a world famous pianist who is known not only for his impeccable technique, but also his highly expressive performance.


The first program was Schubert’s Sonata in A major.

I was surprised I dropped tears when I listened to the first phrase of melody.

His sounds were warm and filled with plenty of happiness.
Maybe Schubert’s life was hard and painful but I think he was filled with love.

I finally could hear Schubert’s romantic sounds in Alexander’s performance.

The other surprising things were he changed the mood completely and quickly to play next two songs.
He played Rachmaninoff  Etude-tableau in C minor and Prokofiev Sonata No.6 in A major after Schubert even though we didn’t have an intermission. He changed the mood immediately and started to play without hesitating after he played Shubert.

His sounds were so dynamic and powerful.
He let go of strict technique and opened himself to all the bigger sounds and energy of the room just using feeling and expression.
I enjoyed the big differences between all three pieces.

Music gives us happiness and helps us see the big picture.

1:10:2016 モーニングコンサート

The Beginning of 2016

Happy New Year!


How was your New Year’s?

I was planning to run in the New Year’s Marathon

at Central Park on New Year’s Eve with my husband and my daughter

( She visited us for only 5days from Japan) .


However, I caught a cold, so I rested at home.

Even though I missed running with my family,

I was fortunate to greet the New Year by playing the crystal bowls.

My home and I were quickly filled with these brilliant sounds.



My daughter gave us a Japanese New Year’s ornament.




I ate Japanese noodles (soba). Soba is usually eaten by Japanese on New Year’s Eve.

I cooked traditional Japanese New Year’s dishes before the New Year,

decorated my home with the ornament, and we enjoyed a Japanese style New Year this holiday.



We will start work tomorrow, but I cannot imagine how my 2016 will go.
I will spend my time as best as I can, and I am excited to see what will happen.

I hope I will play the crystal bowls & piano much more than last year.

I also hope to reach many places and many people with my sounds .

I hope it will be a wonderful year for you, too!


IMG_3958 (1)

Thank you for the year 2015

I held a crystal bowl & piano concert in San Francisco bay on Dec. 12th.

Thank you for coming to my concert even though it was busy for us

because of the end of this year.


I want to thank everyone who came to the concert during the busy holiday season.
San Francisco is very special place for me because I lived there from 1993 to 1999.

My children grew up there, so I have many fond memories from that time.


My concert was held at the Bethany Presbyterian Church.

It sits on a hill near the San Francisco airport.

There were many huge trees outside surrounding the church,

and children playing everywhere.

I felt relaxed and at peace there.


There were many stars hanging from the rafters

but it seemed like they were floating above us.


Here is a picture of me playing at the church.


It is hard to describe but I felt a strange sense of gratitude

facing towards the altar.


The audiences laid down on the rows chairs during my crystal bowl performance,

so I couldn’t see most of the people, but I could feel them.


Everyone relaxed and opened their hearts to the message.
Everything in this life exists for a reason,
Everything in this life moves like waves
in the ocean,
We always have to resonate and sympathize.
Beautiful waves tend to resonate with
other beautiful waves,
so we should try to be in touch with our true nature.
Thereby making this life into a peaceful world.

Have a nice new year!!




An Advertisement for The Crystal bowl & Piano Concert

[Welcoming a New Year ~The Crystal Bowl & Piano concert in San Francisco~]

A crystal bowl is made of crystal, and has two energetic powers, which are healing and purification.

The main effects are relaxation, sleep, blood circulation, adjustment of Chakuram (It is energy which is in the center of our body.)

Now we are at the point in saying goodbye to an old year and hello to a new year.

How was the year 2015 for you?

What are your goals for year 2016?

The sounds of the crystal bowl will reverberate through your whole body and mind. Please listen and experience the sounds for greeting a beautiful new year together!


▶︎Upcoming events

Date & Time : Dec. 12th Sat.13:30pm〜15:00pm

Location:Bethany Presbyterian Church

2400 Rosewood Drive, San Bruno California 94066

Fee:$20 (pair for $30)*All profits will be donated to charity.

For more information & Reservation : (Naoe)



About the crystal bowl

The crystal bowl is a healing instrument made of crystal.

When played, it makes a beautiful, pure sound that rapidly vibrates, and it is known for its healing powers.

The sounds of the crystal bowl helps us feel relaxed and comfortable, and most people fall asleep.
If you enjoy listening to healing music, want to relax, or have a good time, the sounds of the crystal bowl would be perfect for you.





Naoe Moriya Profile

Naoe mastered a certificate of the international yurhythmic teacher of the Juilliard school’s accreditation after graduated the Kunitachi college of music in Japan. I am an artist of many talents which playing piano, vocal music, composing and improvising and teaching music.

I am a crystal bowl player also. It’s made of crystal which is healing musical instrument. Especially, I established my own performance stayl that I play the crystal bowl and piano at the same time. Because, I want to play the crystal bowl as music and not only as a sound.

I am a Reiki master which is a method of hand healing and the NLP (coaching and practicing psychology) trainer.

I have been performing in many part of Japan, Hawaii and San Francisco.



Advertisement for an Event

On November 6th, I will be performing after the screening of amazing film called “Water”.

Directed by Russian documentary filmmaker Saida Medvedeva, this film explores the nature of water, its importance to humans and the Earth, and  its uncanny ability to change its form based on human emotion and many other situation.

The film includes interviews and contributions from experts all over the world and examines many of water’s unknown phenomena.

For example, human tears have different water crystal shapes and are able to change these shapes if influenced by either positive or negative emotions.

“water” highlights many of these extraordinary examples and emphasis how important the element is to our lives.

Here is the movie “water” trailer.


▶︎upcoming Events
Dates:Fri.Nov.6 | 7pm
Location:Honzokaku  LL35

114East 35thSt.Suite Lower Level New York, NY10069
Lex. &3rdAve.

Fee:Free Donation appreciated

Bring a bottle of water!

[ Music is my Life Part 5]

This is the last part that I mentioned about my music history.

Please read  from part 1 to part 4   if you don’t read them.

2. My life with a crystal bowl

When I started to play crystal bowl, I felt that I wanted to play it in the natural environment. I played it at sea, in a forest, on a mountain, any where I could. Then, I found that the sounds of birds, the motion of waves, the flow of rivers, and the blowing of winds become more relaxed when they hear the crystal bowl sounds. I believed that this sound makes a new and more peaceful world where we can live comfortably.

Developed countries create high-tech systems that are very different from developing countries. If our life become more convenient, many natural things tend to be destroyed. We feel comfortable when we are in nature. The nature makes us feel very pleasant. We are a part of nature. Taking good care of nature is the first step to making a comfortable world. I think crystal bowl helps connect nature to us. If I play crystal bowl in nature, a clear and beautiful space is getting around and the sound is getting much clearer and purer. It connects our soul and body.

Music makes us feel rich and notice that this world is full of love. I want to play crystal bowl knowing that I am building a confortable world which is full of love and peace.