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On November 6th, I will be performing after the screening of amazing film called “Water”.

Directed by Russian documentary filmmaker Saida Medvedeva, this film explores the nature of water, its importance to humans and the Earth, and  its uncanny ability to change its form based on human emotion and many other situation.

The film includes interviews and contributions from experts all over the world and examines many of water’s unknown phenomena.

For example, human tears have different water crystal shapes and are able to change these shapes if influenced by either positive or negative emotions.

“water” highlights many of these extraordinary examples and emphasis how important the element is to our lives.

Here is the movie “water” trailer.


▶︎upcoming Events
Dates:Fri.Nov.6 | 7pm
Location:Honzokaku  LL35

114East 35thSt.Suite Lower Level New York, NY10069
Lex. &3rdAve.

Fee:Free Donation appreciated

Bring a bottle of water!


[ Music is my Life Part 5]

This is the last part that I mentioned about my music history.

Please read  from part 1 to part 4   if you don’t read them.

2. My life with a crystal bowl

When I started to play crystal bowl, I felt that I wanted to play it in the natural environment. I played it at sea, in a forest, on a mountain, any where I could. Then, I found that the sounds of birds, the motion of waves, the flow of rivers, and the blowing of winds become more relaxed when they hear the crystal bowl sounds. I believed that this sound makes a new and more peaceful world where we can live comfortably.

Developed countries create high-tech systems that are very different from developing countries. If our life become more convenient, many natural things tend to be destroyed. We feel comfortable when we are in nature. The nature makes us feel very pleasant. We are a part of nature. Taking good care of nature is the first step to making a comfortable world. I think crystal bowl helps connect nature to us. If I play crystal bowl in nature, a clear and beautiful space is getting around and the sound is getting much clearer and purer. It connects our soul and body.

Music makes us feel rich and notice that this world is full of love. I want to play crystal bowl knowing that I am building a confortable world which is full of love and peace.

[ Music is my life Part4 ]

This story is the 4th time of my music history.
It will be started to tell about my crystal bowl life!

Please read from part 1 if you don’t read before this page.

2. My life with a crystal bowl

When I heard a crystal bowl for the first time, I was so surprised that it felt

like the sound came inside of my body, as if I drank it. I was fascinated by the pure and clear sounds that I’d never heard before. I decided to play the crystal bowl immediately, and then I became a performer for many people without planning to do so.

When I played it, I discovered new things every time, one after another.

I was so happy, especially when I found that it is important to focus on each sound; sounds vibrate and resonate with all things in the world, like waves. A crystal bowl has two huge strengths, which are healing and purification of our body and mind. Those are extremely helpful to change the condition of the many people who listen to it.

I of course know that music has huge strengths for us because I have play piano through my life so, I decided to play the crystal bowl as music, not only sounds.

To be continued….


[ Music is my life 3 ]

This story is the third time of my music history.
Please continue to read it!

My history of the piano – Part 3

After coming back from San Francisco, I started music lesson again. My work was going well. My husband had to go foreign countries back and forth for his work, so I had to take care of my two children alone. I was very happy to teach music but it was so hard because I had to do many things by myself. I ended up suffering from gastritis because of stress. The only thing that helps me forget my pain was music. I started to heal little by little. I realized that my sickness was caused by pushing myself to do too much for others and not enough for myself.

At the same time, strangely enough, my five senses were becoming sharper. I felt everything deeper than before. I discovered the crystal bowl, which is a wonderful instrument made of crystal, at that time. This encounter changed my life completely straight angle. It was changed how I play piano and how I capture tones by crystal bowl. I loved to play piano much more than before.
Music is always next to me. Piano has been with me during all my pleasure and pain. Music is my life and piano is my world and my path to happiness.

This encounter of piano is the greatest happiness in my life.

To be continued…..


[Music is my life 2]

I couldn’t write my blog for a long time because I went back to Japan for one month.

I am very happy to be NYC now!

Below is continued of my music history.
I hope you will enjoy it!

1.My history of the piano – Part 2

At the same time I started to think about my future. I wanted to be a pianist,my hands were too small, so my teacher said “ You cannot be pianist.” I felt embarrassed but I found a good music college where I could learn many parts of music which like piano, singing, composition, improvisation and music movement.

After graduating, I worked at a music school while I learned singing at the most famous opera company in Japan. It was satisfying to teach music to children because I could feel their mind was grown up through music. It was very hard time teaching and singing in my twenties.

After I got married I worked harder than before. When my daughter was 3 years old and my son was 3 months, we moved to San Francisco for my husband’s work. I wanted to build my skills up more, so I got a certificate of from the international Dalcroze Euyrhythmics teacher at Juilliard School when we lived in S.F.

To be continued……..


[Music is my life] 

I would like to mention my music history in  5 entries. It is a short story, but I hope you will enjoy it!

  1. My history of the piano

Music has been with me closely ever since I can remember. I can hear music from a player when I go to sleep every day. My mother loves to sing, so we sang duos during our bath time. When I was a child, I was such a mischievous tomboy that was so hard as I got a big burn when I was 3 years old. My elder brother learned piano, so I started to learn it like him when I was 5 years old. I was very happy to go to piano lessons with my friends. I played piano a lot of the time at home but I just played melodies which came to mind instead of doing homework from my piano teacher.

When I was a teenager, I felt indignation from the adult world that I had never seen before. I felt anxiety a lot in my life because I couldn’t get used to school and my father was entering and leaving the hospital again and again for a variety of ills. Piano was only thing could help me. I played piano so I could often forget my problems when I was high school student. I was happy when I could play a difficult piece that I couldn’t play before. I think piano was the only thing which was valuable thing for me.

To be continued…..


〈Crystal Bowl Meditation Event〉

In this event, you will have a magnificent experience of : crystal bowl sounds played by Nao that come through inside of our body. Guided meditation by Miyoko, which help you relax and rejuvebate your body, mind and spirit, and sharpen our 5 senses.

▶︎Upcoming Events

Date : Tues. June 7 | 7pm
Rocation : Honzokaku LL35

145 east 35th St. Suite Lower Level New York, NY, 10016

Lex & 3rd Ave

Fee : 35$  Cash only

For more imformation and registration :

Guided Meditation : Miyoko Sato

Crystal bowl player : Naoe Moriya


My first entry

My name is Nao. Three weeks has passed since I came to live in New York City.
I am from Yokohama City in Japan. I am planning to stay here for about an year with my husband.
I’m a musician, and I play the piano and the crystal bowl.
The crystal bowl is an instrument made of crystal, and is used for healing. It has two powerful energies which is healing and purification.
My goal is to introduce this instrument, so many people will know about it. I am very happy to have the opportunity to perform in this country.