The first big snow of 2016 in New York

It was terrific snow in New York City in the last weekend.


It was my first time experiencing snow in New York City it was the third largest snow in recording history.

Most of the transportation in the city stopped, and all theaters, museums were closed.
My husband and I wanted to see what it was like outside, so we wore the ski clothes and went out in the crazy snow.

There weren’t any cars on the road because if people drove they would be given a ticket due to the travel ban.




First, we went to the supermarket close to our apartment to buy some food, but the shop just closed when we reached it.
We were surprised when an old lady was upset by it and said while hitting the front of the door,

“ Open the store for only 5 minuets I can buy some food quickly! ”
The shop man said,

“ We can’t go back home if we still work.”
She still said something but of course we understood why the shop man said this.

It was Hudson River side. I couldn’t see it!




It was the surreal Metropolitan Opera house.




I was speechless!
It resembled a dream!
Of course there were no people and no opera that day.


We walked around for over 2 hours and my hands got clammy, so we went back home.

Our apartment’s gym was closed, so we couldn’t do anything outside.

I was happy to stay home and play piano and cook dinner in all afternoon.
And then,

It was nice sunshine the next day!


The cars were in the snow…




The Hudson River was so beautiful!




Many people were excited sledding at the Hudson River side, the scene was the same as in my country.




The metro station entrance was snowed in.




Everything is shining, so I think a huge snow make the city clean and beautiful.

All the people around me were looking beautiful!