[ Music is my life 3 ]

This story is the third time of my music history.
Please continue to read it!

My history of the piano – Part 3

After coming back from San Francisco, I started music lesson again. My work was going well. My husband had to go foreign countries back and forth for his work, so I had to take care of my two children alone. I was very happy to teach music but it was so hard because I had to do many things by myself. I ended up suffering from gastritis because of stress. The only thing that helps me forget my pain was music. I started to heal little by little. I realized that my sickness was caused by pushing myself to do too much for others and not enough for myself.

At the same time, strangely enough, my five senses were becoming sharper. I felt everything deeper than before. I discovered the crystal bowl, which is a wonderful instrument made of crystal, at that time. This encounter changed my life completely straight angle. It was changed how I play piano and how I capture tones by crystal bowl. I loved to play piano much more than before.
Music is always next to me. Piano has been with me during all my pleasure and pain. Music is my life and piano is my world and my path to happiness.

This encounter of piano is the greatest happiness in my life.

To be continued…..



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