My first time organizing a concert in NYC

I held The Crystal bowl& Piano Spring Concert last Sunday night.
It was my first time organizing a concert in NYC.

I’m really thankful to my friends who supported me.

It was so hard to gather people to come my concert until 2weeks before that day.
But finally, many people came to my concert!
When I was about to crumble under the pressure of organizing this kind of event, my friends helped me a lot. I could overcome this hard period. I got through it with the help of my friends.

I felt people’s warm hearts at this time. They enjoyed and were excited to talk about my concert.
People’s interest kept getting more intense and the concert hall was full of people and warmth on the day of the concert..

I stood on the shoulders of many friends.

When I arrived at the hall on my concert day, my few friends had already gotten there and were helping me set up for it.

A big camcorder was set up at the back of the hall, because my friend suddenly decided to come to my concert to take video.

I could concentrate on setting up my crystal bowls.

Setting up everything correctly is the most important thing because I played the crystal bowls and piano at the same time.

I put my crystal bowls on the table beside the piano, and sat on the piano bench.
I adjusted everything many times and found the best place to play both instruments.

And the concert started on time.
First, I played only the crystal bowls for a few minuets to pray for the victims in Kyushu, which is in a southern area of Japan because a huge earthquake struck that area last week.
And then, I moved my hands to the first bowl.
I never decide which bowl to play first. I always go with the flow.

I concentrate and all my feeling mix together, my body feels free.
I play the first tone at that moment.

I play what I am feeling and go with the flow.

I played each tone as if it were my last.
I’m free to play whatever I want; I just have to feel the energy of the space and people.

I always open my heart while I play.


I’m comfortable when I am performing.

I think these things work for making music together.

The people who came to my concert said that they felt everything, everybody felt connected at my concert. I could feel the same thing, too.

Thank you for coming to my concert.

I will continue to make songs everyone to enjoy.



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