We held ATOWA concert last Saturday night.
I really appreciate to the people who came to our concert and the people who helped us.

“ATOWA” means the universe and the earth.
It was duo concert that I performed with my friends, Saco.



“Music has no borders.”

I was able to acknowledge this again at the concert.


Saco played the piano and sang expressing the ground and I played the piano, crystal bowl and sang expressing the sounds from the universe.

Nahoko’s dancing absolutely connected our sounds.




Also we improvised many times and I played crystal bowls around 20 minutes for healing time.
I think everybody enjoyed our concert.

After the concert, everyone was smiling were than before the concert.

I think that everyone felt united from the music.


I hope to come back to New York and play again!




My first time organizing a concert in NYC

I held The Crystal bowl& Piano Spring Concert last Sunday night.
It was my first time organizing a concert in NYC.

I’m really thankful to my friends who supported me.

It was so hard to gather people to come my concert until 2weeks before that day.
But finally, many people came to my concert!
When I was about to crumble under the pressure of organizing this kind of event, my friends helped me a lot. I could overcome this hard period. I got through it with the help of my friends.

I felt people’s warm hearts at this time. They enjoyed and were excited to talk about my concert.
People’s interest kept getting more intense and the concert hall was full of people and warmth on the day of the concert..

I stood on the shoulders of many friends.

When I arrived at the hall on my concert day, my few friends had already gotten there and were helping me set up for it.

A big camcorder was set up at the back of the hall, because my friend suddenly decided to come to my concert to take video.

I could concentrate on setting up my crystal bowls.

Setting up everything correctly is the most important thing because I played the crystal bowls and piano at the same time.

I put my crystal bowls on the table beside the piano, and sat on the piano bench.
I adjusted everything many times and found the best place to play both instruments.

And the concert started on time.
First, I played only the crystal bowls for a few minuets to pray for the victims in Kyushu, which is in a southern area of Japan because a huge earthquake struck that area last week.
And then, I moved my hands to the first bowl.
I never decide which bowl to play first. I always go with the flow.

I concentrate and all my feeling mix together, my body feels free.
I play the first tone at that moment.

I play what I am feeling and go with the flow.

I played each tone as if it were my last.
I’m free to play whatever I want; I just have to feel the energy of the space and people.

I always open my heart while I play.


I’m comfortable when I am performing.

I think these things work for making music together.

The people who came to my concert said that they felt everything, everybody felt connected at my concert. I could feel the same thing, too.

Thank you for coming to my concert.

I will continue to make songs everyone to enjoy.


Why I play the crystal bowl &piano at the same time

I play crystal bowls and piano together.

The reason why I wanted to play together is  I wanted many people to know crystal bowls’ sounds which are pure and beautiful.

The first time I listened to the crystal bowl,  I was surprised that the sound came inside of my body as if I had drunk something.

After that moment, I felt the sound expand throughout my body.

The crystal bowls emit two big kind of energy which are relaxation and purification.

If you listen to this sound, your body and mind become lighter and you want to do new things.

You feel yourself become a positive person.


Piano is my life.

If I tell the history of my life, piano is indispensable for me.

Unfortunately, my hands are so small,so I thought I couldn’t be a pianist.

I longed for piano, but even though I had caught it, I still could’t reach it.

The situation was changed by the crystal bowl.

Crystal bowls are good even though they only play one sounds.

However , I know music is well loved and if people play music, their feelings are changed by it.

So if I play crystal bowls, I always play a melody instead of only sounds.

It was challenging for me, because the crystal bowl’s and piano’s sound quality are much different even though both are percussion.

The amazing things happended.

Imagine a couple meeting for the first time,they are very nervous to know each other,  but little by little they become accustomed to each other and they grow closer.

Now, think about piano and crystal bowls.                                                                                     

They are definitely not the same sound quality,but if I play them together, they want to be together and finally they make good harmony.


Our body has a frequency and all things in the world have their own frequency.

If we imagine the waves in the sea, there are many kinds of waves.

When two waves meet from different directions, they combine and create a new frequency.

This is the same for music. If we listen to music and the sounds come close to our bodies, the frequencies from the music and ourselves meet and combine in the same way as waves in the sea.


“I felt as if I was in heaven.”                                                                                                          Many people who attended in my concert said comments like this.

I’ll give you the ultimate healing and relaxation space at my concert.

I’ll give my all to my music when I play.

Please come and enjoy it!



[Upcoming events]

▶︎Date & Time:April 17th Sun. 6:45pm ~ 8:15pm                               *Doors open will be at 6:30pm

▶︎Location:The National Opera Center America, Marc A. Scorca Hall                                                    (330 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10001)

▶︎Fee: $30 *cash only, please*

*All profits will be donated to fund relief effortsfor those affected by the 2011 earthquake in Japan.

▶︎For more information & to make a (Naoe)

*If you would like, feel free to bring a yoga mat or a bath towel to lie on and a blanket to cover up with during the performance.

I would like people to feel as comfortable as possible while lying on the floor.


【Charity Concert: Welcoming the Spring with the Crystal Bowl & Piano】

Spring is coming to New York City.

How would you like to welcome the spring?

Are you looking forward to the coming spring?

I’m going to hold a crystal bowl & piano concert in Manhattan,New York City on April 17th.

The theme of this concert is just ‘ Spring ’ !

I’m very excited to prepare for the concert.

I’m going to play a special song for spring.

Please participate and enjoy my songs!

[Upcoming events]

~Date & Time:

April 17th Sun. 6:45pm ~ 8:15pm

Doors open will be at 6:30pm


The National Opera Center America, Marc A. Scorca Hall

330 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10001


~Fee: $30 (cash only, please)

All profits will be donated to fund relief efforts

for those affected by the 2011 earthquake in Japan.


~For more Information and to make a reservation :

happycrystalbowl (Naoe)


*If you would like, feel free to bring a yoga mat

or a bath towel to lie on and a blanket to cover up

with during the performance.

I would like people to feel as comfortable as possible

while lying on the floor.


【Naoe’s profile】

Naoe was accredited as a certified International Dalcroze Eurhythmics teacher from the Juilliard School in NYC after graduating from the Kunitachi College of Music in Japan.

She is an artist of many talents as she plays the piano, sings, composes, improvises and teaches music. She is also a crystal bowl performer.

The crystal bowl is an instrument made of crystal and is used in healing sessions.

Using her experience as a musician, Naoe established her own performance style through playing the crystal bowls and the piano at the same time. This novel approach blurs the lines between music and healing sounds and creates a unique experience for listeners.

In addition, she is a Reiki master and an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) trainer.

She has performed all throughout her home country of Japan and numerous times in New York, Hawaii ,Sedona, San Francisco and so on.

【About crystal bowls】

The crystal found in this special instrument emits two big and powerful kinds of energy: relaxation and purification.

The main effects include help with sleeping, blood circulation, and the adjustment of Chakras (energy within the center of our body.)

“The Players Concert” for the earthquake in Tohoku Japan

Almost five years have passed since the huge earthquake in Tohoku Japan.

My Japanese friend Kazuko Takebayashi, who is a singer, is producing a memorial concert on March 11th.




The concert is going to be broadcast by Ustream around the world, so I‘m going to participate from New York and play crystal bowls and piano.

Please access it through the URL below, enjoy the concert and pray for a lasting peace together.
URL of this program:…

▶︎Update coming
The date : Friday, March 11th

New York time: 5am

*My performance time will be held around 6:15am

Japanese time: 7pm

*My performance time will be held around 8:15pm




Kazuko will sing a few songs at the concert.

You will definitely enjoy her performance.



Thank you for coming to my Crystal Bow & Piano Concert in San Francisco Bay

I just came back from San Francisco three days ago.


It was beautifully sunny and warm there, so we didn’t need overcoats. Some people even wore T –shirts!


It was rainy when I arrived at JFK airport in New York, so I was at a loss at getting used to the weather in New York City again.


San Francisco is a special place for my family because we lived there from 1993 to 1999.

The day after I arrived in SF, I went to Downtown San Francisco to meet with my friends.

I’ve been back to visit S.F.Bay many times after going back Japan, but I hadn’t been downtown, so I was excited to see everything in the city.


IMG_4648 (1)


Then, my performance was held the following day.


It was an intimate performance, held at my friend Sachiko’s house.
I was very happy to have my concert there because she organized it so well and made a comfortable space for the audience and me.
I really enjoyed playing.


My friend’s house was in a secluded neighborhood, surrounded by trees, so I felt like I was playing in the forest.

The house was built nicely on the hill and I was surprised to find out that the house was built by her husband!


We placed a piano in front of a tall window, so I was able to feel the outside during my performance.




My crystal bowl makes nice sounds every time I play it.
There was enough time for me to have a rehearsal, and the concert started.


During the performance, there was a stronger reverberation of sounds than during the rehearsal.


The sounds lasted longer, as if they would never end.




I thought the sounds reverberated through all of us- the audience, Sachiko and her family’s hearts and the environment surrounding us.


We made the sounds together, so it became more beautiful.


I always feel the sounds are different each time I play, because I can feel people’s warm-hearts come through to me.



I can’t wait to play again and again, because every time I play the crystal bowl, I feel like a pipe, connecting the earth to space, and people all over the world to peace.


IMG_4763 (1)


Welcoming Spring with Live music ~The Crystal Bowl & Piano Concert in New Jersey~

I gave a Crystal bowl & Piano recital last Saturday.

It was a beautiful time for everybody、 just like taking a nap with musical blankets.


Of course I was able to have a rich musical experience, again.



I composed new two songs for the concert, which was held at my friend’s house in New Jersey.


One song was for my friend and hostess of the concert, Yoshiko, who lives in the house with her family.

When I saw the pictures of her house a few days before the concert, I was so surprised that there was such a nice and wonderful room and a melody sprung to mind.


I was excited to think about how she would feel when she listened to it.


On the way to her house, I looked outside from the car after getting off the freeway, as the scene gradually changed from an urban landscape to a rural one.


After going up a sharp hill, I could see a huge house, like a mountain lodge!



That was my friend’s house.




There is a piano inside this room.




The big grand piano was placed in this large open space by the windows.
My friend’s husband presented it to her last X’mas.
How nice!!


My friend is a professional ear massage instructor, so she demonstrated an ear massage in the basement while I prepared for the concert.

I started to set my crystal bowls beside the piano while hearing their laughter coming from the basement.





I just tried to play one key on the piano gently, and I felt the sound move carefully around the room, little by little.





Here I am, playing my crystal bowls.




Then I started my performance.




The audience was very relaxed.

They listened and felt comforted by the sounds.





The water bottles were placed in front of the crystal bowls, which, when played, help to purify the water.


I was happy to play in the sunlight, moving from one side to the other outside.


It was the first time I felt the outside during my performance, even though I was playing inside.


I played freely; I played songs I had written before the concert, but I also improvised. I really enjoyed it.

The audience looked very relaxed.



After the concert, we enjoyed the refreshments.

Yoshiko cooked over 10 meals!






The kitchen was so huge too!
The foods were so delicious!




Thank you to Yoshiko and her family!



The screening of “Water “& the crystal bowl event

On February 11th, I will be performing after the screening of amazing film called “Water”.

Directed by Russian documentary filmmaker Saida Medvedeva, this film explores the nature of water, its importance to humans and the Earth, and its uncanny ability to change its form based on human emotion and many other situation.

The film includes interviews and contributions from experts all over the world and examines many of water’s unknown phenomena.

For example, human tears have different water crystal shapes and are able to change these shapes if influenced by either positive or negative emotions.

“water” highlights many of these extraordinary examples and emphasis how important the element is to our lives.

Here is the movie “water” trailer.


▶︎upcoming Events
Dates: Thur.Feb.11 | 6pm open

545 8th Avenue 14fl New York, NY


Place for application : / 914-703-8018

Bring a bottle of water!


Welcoming an Early Spring Concert ~The Crystal Bowl & Piano concert in New Jersey~


Almost one month has passed since the beginning of the year.
How is your new year so far?
Would you like to enjoy this time by listening to nice music in a space-surrounded by nature and think about how would you like to approach spring?
Before the concert we will have a demonstration of ear massage by my friend who is a licensed of ear therapist in Japan.
We are also going to serve a small nice lunch after the concert!


My crystal bowls are made of crystal, and have two energetic powers, which are healing and purification.

The vibrations and sounds of these bowls cause relaxation, induce sleep, improve blood circulation, and help align the Chakras (where the energy is concentrated in the center of our body).

The sounds of the crystal bowl will reverberate through your whole body and mind.
Please listen and experience the sounds and help us greet an early spring together!



▶︎Upcoming events

Date & Time: Jan. 30th Sat.11:00am〜14:00pm

Location:Morris County in New Jersey

( We would like to let you know the address after registration )

Fee:$40 (Please pay cash only)

*For more information & Reservation: (Yoshiko)